Four (04) specialized bachelor’s degrees offered :

These programs are designed to train highly qualified analysts in finance, economics, insurance and statistics.

The bachelor programs last for 3 years. Admission is after the Baccalaureate degree (high school diploma) (see Admission procedure and requirements).

Preparatory year :

This preparatory year is intended to strengthen the quantitative bases (mathematics, statistics and computer programming) of students with less quantitative profiles but with predispositions. It is not part of the regular bachelor's degree. It could take place over a full year or a semester depending on the candidate's prior knowledge. Essentially these courses are :

  • MAT 001- Calculus (6 CECT credits or 150h)
  • MAT 002- Algebra (6 CECT credits or 150h)
  • MAT 003- Geometry (6 CECT credits or 150h)
  • ECO 001- Economy (6 CECT credits or 150h)
  • ANG 001- English (6 CECT credits or 150h)
  • INF 001- Computer Science (6 CECT credits or 150h)
  • STT 001- Statistics (6 CECT credits or 150h)

Admission requirements :

  • Hold a Baccalaureate in science (D, C, E) or the equivalent
  • Have a GPA of at least 12/20 in high school, with at least an average of 10/20 in scientific subjects (mathematics, physics, or equivalent)

Download the models of our bachelor courses.